Chemical Reactions

A time-lapse video of the reaction between copper metal and silver nitrate solution. Silver ions in solution are reduced to silver metal atoms creating the silver metal sponge that is growing in the video. At the same time copper metal atoms are oxidized to copper(II) ions which go into solution.

Schlieren Photography

This is my first attempt at single mirror Schlieren photography. Schlieren photography is used to image objects that have different indices of refraction. In this video, a match is lit. The hot air produced by the match has a different index of refraction than that of the room temperature air because of its lower density.

Thermal Imaging




Welcome to Chemistry. Chemistry is the study of matter. Many students find the subject difficult at first because they lack the years of exposure that they get in such courses such as History, Math, and English. So, unlike those subjects, you may need to study more, ask more questions, and come in for extra help more than you normally would.

This website has been created to help you learn about chemistry. It will contain the reference sheets, notes, and practice problems that are given to you in class. Videos of the lectures and of key techniques can also be found on this sight (when it is finally finished). Also, links to interesting websites are also provided.

Remember, this site is a work in progress. If it is missing something or you would like to see something added, just email me or speak with me after class. Also, please let me know if you find any spelling mistakes, missing words, or grammar mistakes (spelling is not my strong point). Thank you.


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